How Your Water gets from Ground to Tap

What do I need Before Installation can Begin?

Here's what you should do before it will be possible to arrange an installation:


  • You will need access to a wellpoint, borehole, or rainwater harvesting setup – we  unfortunately do not install these. In the case of a new borehole or wellpoint being sunk, please allow a few weeks a for the water to settle before sampling the water for analysis. If you do not have a groundwater source of your own, you may want to contact your neighbour to discuss sharing theirs.

  • The next step is to have your water tested. We recommend Bemlab in Somerset West - please click here for more information on water testing.


  • When you receive the results of your test, send them along to us by filling out the form on this page.

What Elements will the System Filter out of my Water?

Each customer will have a different usage requirement and, more importantly, a different water profile. We will use this information to design a system that is tailored both to your specific needs and to the chemical make-up of your groundwater source.

Some of the common issues with groundwater in the Western Cape include corrosion, iron, manganese, sediment, bacteria, organic content, high hardness & high salts. We will design the system to remove each of these various elements as required. 

Do Ground 2 Tap Install the System?

Yes. The system is designed and built off-site. It is then installed at your premises and connected up to your mains plumbing. We have partnered with a reputable plumbing service who will connect the treated water system into your house.

Is the Treated Water Drinkable?

Yes. The water will be treated such that it complies with the South African national standard for drinking water, SANS 241-1:2015. You will also be provided with a certificate stating the compliance of your treated water with SANS 241-1:2015 following installation. 

What About Maintenance?

Our systems are designed to be as automated as possible, but they will require maintenance. We offer this maintenance as a additional service - the installation of the system is only the beginning of a long-standing relationship with our clients. We ensure that we are always available for you to keep your system running smoothly.

Will I be Completely Disconnected from my Municipal Supply?

No. We do not recommend that you disconnect from the municipal supply. We will link the treated water supply into your property mains, but you will still be able to turn off this supply and turn on your municipal supply at any stage.

What Guarentee / Warranty do you Provide? 

We guarantee our workmanship for the period of a year. Furthermore, each of the individual system components are guaranteed by our various suppliers.

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