Water tests: everything you need to know

Here's what you'll need to do to have your groundwater properly tested:

  • Run the water source for +/- 5 minutes (or until the pipeline is clear) before sampling to ensure the sample is representative of the source

  • Use a sterilised container (rinse with boiling water beforehand), to take a sample of about 1 litre of water from your borehole or well-point.​

  • Send the sample off to a lab for analysis. Below is a list of labs we have had clients use previously and that we recommend. (Click on the name of the lab for contact information). Try to ensure that the water reaches the lab within 24 hours of being sampled.

  • PLEASE NOTE - the sample should be from source, not from the tank to give an accurate result.

    A.L. Abbott and Associates (Pty) Ltd.
  • You will need to ask for 2 types of test: Chemical Potability as well as Microbiology.

  • Once you receive the results of your water test, send them through for us to examine!

NB: As of the 6th of March, 2018, it was still possible to have a sample delivered to Bemlab by dropping it at certain Pathcare offices. Please contact your nearest Pathcare for more information.