Our Bespoke Water Treatment Options



Using treated groundwater for your entire commercial premises is a great way to save on operating expenses, especially if your business has high water usage. Based on your water consumption, we can help you calculate your payback period for a water treatment system, which could be as little as 2 years.

Why should you install a Water Treatment System:

  • Water is becoming expensive - it has increased 250% from 2017-2019 (from R12.65 in 2017 to R27.31 per kL in 2019)

  • With the planned augmentation pipeline, we can only expect the cost of water will continue to increase by 25%-50% per annum.

  • Municipal water supplies are often unreliable, with unforeseen down-times and varying water quality.

  • Installing a Water Treatment System, will protect you from unexpected increasing water costs and guarantee your water quality.

  • You'll be improving your company's environmental sustainability and taking pressure off of the stressed municipal water supply.

Why should you use Ground 2 Tap as your Water Consultant:

  • We are an Engineering company focused on Water Quality.

  • We guarantee the water quality results of your treated water.

  • We will design a system specific to your source water quality & your requirements - our systems are built-for-purpose.

  • We have extensive experience in the Western Cape with over 70 systems installed.

  • We will continue to service your system - the installation is the beginning of a long-standing relationship.

  • We boast a 9.4 out of 10 customer satisfaction rating.